Pet Overpopulation Debunked

Pet Overpopulation Debunked--The Infographic

Debunking Pet Overpopulation–Nathan Winograd

Excuses — There Aren’t Enough Homes–No Kill Tallahassee

“Pet Overpopulation”: Meme, Zeitgeist and Myth (Updated)–Animal Ark

4 responses to “Pet Overpopulation Debunked

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  3. It BROCK MY HEARt! I cannot see why NC refuses to do anything for our friends in need but cannot speak for themeselves.

  4. Please check on how many parvo and distemper puppies are coming from shelters these days. We are a Lab rescue. We recently had a terrible outbreak of parvo from puppies from Wilson County and distemper from puppies from Montgomery County and Roberson County. Roberson is now vaccinating but on release not intake.

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