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Spartanburg, SC, animal control tells woman to chain stray dog to a dumpster

A woman in Spartanburg, SC, saved a Boston terrier she found dodging traffic and tried to take it to the Spartanburg Humane Society, which turned her away because they don’t accept strays. She called county animal control, and was told that the soonest an ACO would be able to come out for the dog would be the following day.

Because she couldn’t keep the dog in her apartment overnight, she went to the county animal control office to ask what she should do. Their reply, in her words, was “Could I chain it to a dumpster, was there an enclosed dumpster I could chain it to?”

The animal control director claims the employee did not tell her to chain the dog to the dumpster, but said that a closed dumpster enclosure might be a good place to keep the dog overnight. He also said it’s an example of why the public should not catch strays themselves. Because of course, a stray dog flattened by traffic is one fewer that animal control officers have to get up off of their asses and go get.

According to another source, the dog is now at the Greenville Humane Society.


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