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No Kill shelters don’t threaten to kill animals!


If a shelter says you can pay them money not to kill an animal, it is NOT a No Kill shelter! Not only is the Boggs Mountain “Humane Shelter” in northeast Georgia neither “humane” nor an actual “shelter,” it is also apparently a huge scam, extorting money out of animal lovers by promising not to kill animals, and then turning around and killing them anyway.

Investigation exposes humane society ‘Lucky Dog’ program 

Pet owners from hundreds of miles away drive to a small humane society in the north Georgia mountains because they think they’re saving lives, but an undercover Fox5 I-Team investigation found exactly the opposite. For $100, customers could guarantee their dog or cat at the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter would not be euthanized.The shelter even sent emails announcing when your lucky animal was adopted.

An insider, though, says much of it was a lie.

Anyone can use the term “No Kill” as a tool to pry open pocketbooks, like Boggs Mountain has. But make no mistake: a No Kill shelter is one that doesn’t kill, period (except for the few who are truly untreatable or non-rehabilitatable, usually less than 10%). A No kill shelter NEVER threatens to kill savable animals for any reason.

By criminally manipulating people’s compassion and wishes not to see adoptable animals killed, Boggs Mountain is endangering the lives of shelter pets across the country by casting aspersions on the concept of No Kill.

There is a proven path for lasting No Kill success, currently in use at a growing number of shelters across the US. Extorting money by threatening to kill pets is definitely NOT one of the steps.



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