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Durham pound loses quarantined dog, bills family $157

A black lab named Onyx, who was quarantined at the Durham County Animal Shelter after a bite incident, escaped from the facility and was later found along Interstate 85 in Durham, dehydrated and suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

The Durham pound then billed Onyx’s family $157 for his stay. The fees were later waived. (Perhaps as a result of the family contacting a local TV station?)

The Durham pound is run under contract by the Animal Protection Society of Durham. Staff there killed almost 56 percent of the dogs and more than 72 percent of the cats they took in during 2012, for a combined dog and cat kill rate of more than 62 percent.


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Adoptable Pet of The Day (Shameless self-promotion edition)

Today’s adoptable pet is my own foster dog, Tenny:


Tenny is a medium-sized (35-lb, about 21 inches at the shoulder) something mix, about a year old. People say lab mix, but they say that about everything. His tail is cropped like a Doberman’s and he has a slender, athletic body. I pulled Tenny from the APS of Durham because he was going “kennel-crazy” and was not getting adopted because, after spending months of his youth in the pound and getting no manners training and only occasional walks, he went wild and jumped all over people who tried to meet him. That’s the sort of thing that gets you a trip to the dumpster at a high-kill pound.

Tenny is learning a few manners with me and manages to behave pretty well now. He gets along with my other dogs, although he’s occasionally like a pesky little brother and gets snapped at now and them. He takes it into stride. I have no idea how he is with cats. He might annoy them a little as well. Tenny adores people. His only issue with kids seems to be the possibility that he might knock one over because he’s such an impulsive goofball.

Tenny has tons of energy, learns quickly, is athletic and is highly motivated to work for toys or food, so I think he would be a fun flyball or agility partner. He is zinc neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations and healthy.

If you’re interested in adopting Tenny, email me.


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Doublespeak in Durham

Thanks to reader Marie for this one. She writes:

This sign was discovered outside the Durham County Animal Shelter.

Please take donated animals to the front door

Sign at the Durham County Animal Shelter (APS of Durham): Please take donated animals to the front door.

Durham County APS has a 70 percent kill rate and they are displaying signs which designate owner surrenders as “donated animals?”

Not long after the original photo was snapped the “donation truck” left the building.

Garbage truck leaving APS of Durham

This is how 68.23% of the animals that come into the Durham County Animal Shelter end up leaving.

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