FixNC is dedicated to ending the killing of adoptable and treatable pets in North Carolina’s pounds and shelters, and to improving the level of animal care and humane treatment in those facilities. Part of our mission is to raise public awareness in NC of successful programs elsewhere to increase shelter’s live outcomes, and to get communities involved in  changing their local shelters for the better.

Every year, about 250,000 companion animals are killed in North Carolina animal shelters. Most of these pets were healthy and adoptable before they were killed.

The video below is a great exposition on why a blog like FixNC is necessary, and how we got to this place

If you would like to know more about FixNC, please email: crashtestmoonpie (at) gmail.com.

18 responses to “About

  1. I would like to invite you to check out my blog. I’m an active volunteer and foster mom for Stokes County Humane Society. We save as many as we can, though we’re limited on foster homes at present – and I’ve got ten dogs right now – four of my own (two of them are foster fails, LOL) and six fosters. All but two of my fosters came from the Stokes County Animal Shelter, as did two of my furever dogs. Of the two remaining fosters – one came from my husband’s co-worker who lost his job; and the other is a young female pit mix who was starved, beaten and dumped on my road – what could I do? I took her in!
    I think that what Stokes County Animal Shelter has done for the homeless animals of the county is well above par. Yes, they’re still a high-kill shelter; no, we can’t save them all; but at least they make every effort to try to save them. Check out their Facebook page – and believe me when I say that if they were better funded they’d be able to save more. https://www.facebook.com/StokesCountyAnimalShelter

  2. Coleen

    In Austin, Texas last spring (during the height of puppy and kitty season) had a 90% save rate. Austin Pets Alive – apparently is the rescue to emulate.

  3. Mishelle

    What can I do to be involved??? I live in Raleigh, NC and am passionate about ending the practice. I want to be active in the cause. What can I do????

  4. Mishelle, we in Harnett County (just south of Raleigh) would love to have you involved in our efforts. Please visit us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/HarnettAnimalFriends
    (Lisa, I hope it’s ok to do this ^^ but if not, please just delete it)

  5. Betty Oaks

    How can people outside NC help you?
    I just read about Dr. Houser on my friend’s timeline tonight.
    It appears he’s been doing this for a long time. …and he’s just one guy.
    Thank you,
    B. Oaks

  6. OEM

    How does Wake County put its animals down?

  7. How does a person go about getting a HIGH KILL Animal Shelter inspected and investigated?

  8. Marianna Burt

    I am a NC atty. working on several cases where AC raided rescuers & got them to sign over animals by promising to place them w. other rescues, or by telling them that only choices were to surrender animals or face huge fees for maintaining them. Not true — please spread the word! Look at NC Gen. Stat. 19A-70(f). Then they turned around & killed them. Please warn others that surrendering animals does not automatically “keep them safe” but the opposite.

  9. Tess Robinson

    I would like to share my experiences in trying to “save” cats and kittens from Harnett County Animal Shelter. I know the real story about the job the shelter manager is doing and how Friends of Harnett County Animal Shelter are being hijacked. Friends and their supporters, although well intentioned, are doing little to fix the problems. They are enabling a horribly run “shelter”. There are so many deaths associated with the current practices that no one knows about.

  10. Chantel butler

    they are investigating guilfor county animal shelter and I knw that there are several people that hve issues with this shelter. Please write about it to county commissioners of guilford county to express these issuer to try and improve this shelter for the sake of the innocent.

  11. This is more of a plea, I don’t know if you can help but there is a sweet dog named Casablanca all set up for rescue, the last minute her owner shows up out of the blue and said she was aggressive and dangerous. She had killed a neighbor dog. All alleged. So now they won’t release the dog to anyone but the owner, and he don’t even want her. She was found as a stray. She was at the shelter almost a month. Any advice? Or help?

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