Randolph County officials love gas chamber so much they return HSUS grant

In December 2011, Randolph County accepted a $3,000 grant from HSUS that included a stipulation that the gas chamber be phased out as a means of killing pets in the county pound. More than two years later, however, Randolph has neglected to actually phase out the gas chamber. Johnston County, which also accepted a grant at the same time as Randolph, removed their gas chamber about a year ago.

When HSUS asked  the county to either honor its commitment to phase out the barbaric killing machine or give back the grant money, pound officials chose to give back the grant.

Since 2011, twelve NC counties have ended the use of gas chambers to kill shelter pets. Twenty three states have passed laws against gas chamber killing.

There is no progressive sheltering agency of any scope or stature willing to philosophically embrace CO systems for euthanasia of any dog or cat. Humane sheltering is deliberately, inexorably, and philosophically moving away from mass killing as an acceptable method of dog and cat population control. ~Dr. Michael R. Moyer, V.M.D.

Animal advocates may contact MiMi Cooper, the official who oversees operations at the Randolph County pound, at MMCooper@co.randolph.nc.us. Contact information for Randolph County commissioners, who could, if they wished, decide to mandate removal of the county’s gas chamber, can be found here.

Inspiration for  letters may be found here and  here, and this sample letter may be used as a template.


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5 responses to “Randolph County officials love gas chamber so much they return HSUS grant

  1. Erin Nelson

    Here’s a link to a Change.org petition to end Randolph County’s use of the gas chamber:

  2. spaycritter

    are you kidding? For counties that cry for lack of funds , they’d give up money to keep those things?

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  5. Brenda Davis

    What I would like to know is why you people are so dam cruel to kill pets if you people would give these pets to people with no charge. You would find homes for them .please give these animals a chance. They need love they deserve love not hate .stop gassing them. How would you like it if this happened to you. Now think about how they feel… Give these animals to good people that want them. They are out there.

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