What she said!

Screenshot from the Facebook page of a friend who is not even a No Kill activist (click to view larger photo):

This is so very sad BUT I find a shelter posting this kind of emotional blackmail truly disgusting. He HAS to be out by tonight?? BUT he will only be released to a rescue?? Rescues are manned by volunteers, most of whom work full time jobs and cannot drop their entire loves and go pull an emaciated dog that needs special care and cannot just go to ANY home! I can only hope and pray someone was able to pull him before they killed him!

Fortunately, in this case, a rescuer was able to get to the pound by closing and Brutis is safe.


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3 responses to “What she said!

  1. Unfortunately, I see similar posts for dogs from NC shelters. This policy pretty much ensures that the hapless dog is killed. I am sickened when I read that a shelter will only allow rescues to take an animal while imposing a deadline that is almost impossible for any rescue to meet. Shelter directors surely must understand that rescues have to find a foster for the dog and ensure that funds are available for veterinary care. It takes time to make arrangements. At the same time, there might be an appropriate adopter who is willing to take on an animal with health problems that are potentially costly to treat. However, the rescue-only policy precludes individual adopters from taking a special needs animal. Why not develop policies that serve the best interests of the animals and encourage shelter directors to use good judgment?

  2. Courtney Aman

    Damn, he looks as bad as the dog ‘Patrick,’ found abandoned in a trash chute in in Newark in 2011, and that case went viral and had GOBS of people following his progress for months. But in so many shelters it’s just another day, and not even considered worthy of finding the criminals responsible.


    Alexander county in NC is supposed to be a no kill shelter yet they will still put an animal down if it is uncooperative. They just killed my dog because he was aggressive towards them. They were strangers to him. He was submissive to them here and as soon as they got him there, they killed him.

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