Alexander County eliminates gas chamber

Alexander County has ended the use of CO gas to kill animals and its gas chamber has been destroyed, according to an HSUS press release (complete with photographic proof of the junked CO chamber).

Alexander is the twelfth NC county to end use of the barbaric gas chamber since 2011. Counties that still use gas chambers as the primary means of killing shelter pets are: Beaufort , Cleveland, Davidson, Granville, Martin,  Randolph, Rowan, Union, Wilkes and Wilson. Gaston and Nash counties primarily use lethal injection but still use gas to kill some animals.

NC Gas Chamber Counties Oct. 2013. Click map to view full size

Click map to view full size

Animal Advocates may find contact information for officials of gassing counties here. A sample letter to officials can be found here, and plenty of inspiration for what to write in your own letter can be found here.

Remember: The debate does not have to be between killing animals with CO and killing them with lethal injection. Counties can end the killing of healthy and treatable pets altogether and turn their pounds into bona fide shelters, where animals’ lives are protected.  More than 160 communities across the US have ended the debate over the best way to kill healthy and treatable shelter pets by SAVING THEM through implementation of  a cost-effectiveproven program for lifesaving success.


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9 responses to “Alexander County eliminates gas chamber


    Keep the pressure on!  And Thank you!  I share almost all your posts!

  2. keep up the fight for life!! every single one counts!!

  3. If only we aimed towards no kill. We have become a nation of taking lives rather than one of saving lives

  4. Lynn S

    Aren’t these poor animals been through enough, my God gassing, get out of the dark ages

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  6. thanks so much for sending me this link…

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