So somehow my dog Trixie got out of the gate today while we were downtown at the Christmas Parade. When we came home, we found out from the neighbor that she had been picked up by the pound. I called down there to see if she was there, and what's the procedure for getting her back. Guilford County Animal Shelter [OFFICIAL] tells me it's a $30 fee for first timers, which in itself is ridiculous for a "first timer", but whatever. So I go down to get her with my Drivers License, and a copy of her rabies vaccine info and tag, with my matching address on it, only for them to tell me, that since she has a microchip from the person that gave her to me NEARLY 2yrs ago, they could not release her to me. They have the right to hold her for 72hrs (all the while charging me by the day), and then If she doesn't come up there and verify she transferred ownership to me, I have the "choice" to adopt her, fees and all! Are you kidding me!? The lady lives in Fayetteville, I don't even know her name, and of course they can't get in contact with her via the "microchip" number that's on file. I think it's piss poor, that the Greensboro Animal Shelter would deny me a dog that I've owned for 2yrs, because a previous owner is on the microchip, but I have 2yrs worth of vaccines in my name. Not to mention, she adopted her from a shelter, and only had her a couple months before she gave her to me. They would rather euthanize a dog, or let some strange family adopt her, than give her to her rightful owner. This is probably one of the dumb and stupid reasons that the shelters are so full, and pets are put to sleep daily..because either they have ridiculous protocol that doesn't even make sense on paper, yet alone in the real word, or they are stacking fees on top of fees daily before people can even muster up the money to pay the retrieval fee. How is that helpful to anyone, especially the pet? I don't see how this process is considered Humane in any way, shape, form, or fashion. If even one of those people down there had ANY common sense, they would realize that this was insane..and they are doing way more harm than good to all parties involved.

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