Seriously you guys, cupcakes are really important!

The Humane Society of the United States and its puppet groups NC Voters for Animal Welfare and Susie’s Law really, really want you to take cupcakes to your local pound for the holidays. Their “NC Shelter Project” is promoting a “12 Acts of Kindness” program for the month of December. The first item on the list sent out by HSUS NC director Kim Alboum is “Bring a gift of snacks to shelter staff cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, pizza, coffee, etc.” Because killing animals is so much more pleasant when there’s an array of goodies laid out on top of the gas chamber!

Other suggestions include:

  • Run an errand for a shelter staff member.
  • Write a positive letter to the editor about the shelter.
  • Highlight a shelter staff member on your Facebook page and ask your friends to share it.
  • Purchase a holiday card for the shelter and have all the members of your rescue sign it with a personal message to staff.

Be sure to take a photo of your cupcakes and post it to the NC Shelter project Facebook page!



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4 responses to “Seriously you guys, cupcakes are really important!

  1. Susan McFarland

    Well, I can see trying to “win” over people in the hope that they will be more inclined to cooperate with rescue groups or would-be adopters. Yes, cooperation with the public should be part of their job, but evidently some shelters’ staff members are uncomfortable in dealing with the public.

    • One would hope that saving pets’ lives might be a really good reason to cooperate with adopters and rescuers. And, really, come on now, these people are paid with taxpayer money and this is their freaking job, for crying out loud! Do firefighters demand cupcakes before they will try to overcome their fear of flames? This attitude that pound workers must be coddled if we want them not to hurt and kill pets is just plain sick, especially coming from an organization that hoovers up MILLIONS in donations annually by claiming to be about protecting animals.

  2. marti

    when kim alboum first came to nc, i was excited that we might really be able to get some solid help for legislative change. deeply saddened at what little has been done and now this…i understand trying to keep up a good “connection” so MAYBE the staff will let us help and possibly rescue b/c we know if they are mad at you animals die faster. but, seriously, play nice instead of actual change…i’m weeping at all the potential we have in our state to make laws and changes and the truth that those of us who seem to care so much cannot seem to get enough money or power to make anything happen and our voices don’t appear to be enough in this state. so very disappointed to read this i still one of the “best” ways to work w/shelters-urgh!!! get good people in who care and implement no kill shelter guides instead of cookies!

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