Granville County Animal Control says emaciated pups in the road are probably just fine where they are

Emaciated puppies loose in Granville County

Four emaciated puppies by the side of the road are nothing to be concerned about, according to Granville County Animal Control Director Cathy Hartley.

Skinny Puppy in Granville County

This puppy is “on the thin side” according to Granville County Animal Control Director Cathy Hartley.

A photographer in Granville County spotted four emaciated pups by the side of the road on Saturday, Nov. 3. He called Animal Control, but was told they would “investigate” on Monday and that it would be illegal for him to take the puppies from the side of the road. He later took food out to them and saw that someone else had also left food,  but the puppies were gone.

On Monday, the man received a rambling voice mail from Granville County Animal Control Director Cathy Hartley, who said:

We do know there might be a possible owner of these puppies at that address that you gave us. We are trying to contact the owner today. And um, we’ll, you know, if the owners, um, if it is the owner then we will definitely talk with them about the puppies running loose and also address the issues of, uh, their health. They appear to be on the thin side but nothing as far as totally emaciated or anything like that. Puppies grow very quickly, they do look like they are boxer type puppies, and I do know the people that, um, we’re thinking about on Flat Rock Road do have boxers, so we’re trying to get in touch with the possible owners. And I do appreciate your help and I appreciate you sending all the pictures to us. That helps us out a whole lot. And the address. And we’ll try to pull up our records and it did come up to somebody in the area that raises boxers on that road so we are trying to contat them at the time. And these puppies do appear to have boxers in them, it’s not all boxer they definitely look like they are mix. But we appreciate your help and we will continue to investigate it. Thank you very much, bye-bye.

TL/DR: Meh, skinny puppies in the road, whatevs. Buh-bye.

You can listen to the voice mail here,

Even sadder than the fact that the head of Granville County Animal Control thinks skinny puppies by the side of the road are nothing to worry about is the realization that those puppies probably have a greater chance of survival out on the street than in the county pound. The Granville County pound killed 78 percent of the pets that came in during 2011.


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10 responses to “Granville County Animal Control says emaciated pups in the road are probably just fine where they are

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  2. I WOULD TAKE THEM, You do not give me a link to rescue these animals.

  3. Lynn Bowman

    Where are those puppies right now? I am so pissed to see them here again tonight that I will go get them myself !@!!!! Who just post pictures and leaves puppies on the side of the road???????!!!!!!!

    • He didn’t take the puppies because animal control told him it would be illegal to do so. Turns out, the puppies do have an owner–and from what I’ve heard, Cathy Hartley knew all along whose puppies they were. The guy who took the photos posted this to the Granville pound volunteer’s Facebook page earlier: “We visited the Granville County Animal Shelter and spoke with the Animal Control Officer that left the voice mail. She still stands behind that statement that they are not in poor condition only on the skinny side….. the made contact with the owners and issued a citation for no Rabies Vaccinations and one for running loose they will be doing a follow up in 10 days”

  4. Send an email to your local commissioner…{8209C422-4C54-4601-B9B6-BFECD0099B4A}
    Just sent mine to Tim Karen

    • Great idea! For some reason the link isn’t working right, so this one might work:

      I have been hearing things that suggest the owner of the dogs might be prominent or well-known in Granville County, and that county officials have been doing their best to hush up the whole thing. In other words, the Good Ol’ Boy network might be in full action mode to protect one of their own.

  5. Evelyn.Morton-Booth

    I am saddened that the folks who r in charge o protecting these poor animals, r not doing their job…. These pups r emancipated and I don’t have to rely on my nursing degree to see that! Shame on you, Ms. Hartley! I reported a puppy next door to me, a couple months back, whose owners leave out in all kinds of weather, and cries all night. The puppy is still doing this, and if I didn’t want to spend Xmas in jail, I would take him in myself! SHAME!

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